The thing about struggling with anxiety is you are always looking ahead. There is always the fear of what tomorrow brings; an awareness that while you may have control over the present moment, there's the possibility that tomorrow can bring... Continue Reading →

Sing it loud

Music has always had a hold on me. Like a firefly¬†that can't help head to the light, all my senses get immersed by the sound and I'm hypnotized; created to let the sounds overtake me. I can be in the... Continue Reading →

Hidden Skeletons

Here's the thing. Putting yourself out there can be scary. Being vulnerable is scary. When you are used to putting ¬†a mask on ninety percent of the time to protect you from all the scary things in the world, it... Continue Reading →

I Am Enough

There is power in finally coming to terms with accepting yourself- I mean truly accepting yourself. The ability to stare in the mirror and speak the life giving words "I am enough" brings goosebumps to my arms. I haven't met... Continue Reading →

Flying Anxiety Airlines

Dealing with anxiety can be difficult, but ignoring it can make it even more difficult. Learn about my story as I reveal what lead to my shocking revelation of anxiety and how I'm overcoming it through natural remedies.

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